NOTE FOR CANDIDATES: Candidates are responsible for ensuring that referees submit a letter of recommendation directly to the African Leadership Institute by the candidate submission deadline Please copy and paste the URL of this page in your browser and send that your referee (i.e. the link to this page). The Referee cannot be the same person who nominated you as a candidate.  AFLI is seeking only a single letter of recommendation from one referee. We do not want or need multiple letters of recommendation. In the event we receive more than one, we will use the first letter only in conjunction with your application. Please ask your referee to send the letter as a PDF file.

Guidance for Referees

Please read this page along with the selection criteria for candidates and more information about the Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme.  This should provide you with the necessary context regarding the programme for which you are recommending your candidate.  Note - please do not copy the nominee on your letter of recommendation.

In your recommendation, please state:

  • Your Name
  • Your Occupation
  • In what Capacity you know the Applicant
  • How long you have known the Applicant
  • Contact details – should we wish to clarify anything

It is recommended the letter be written on an official letterhead. Please send the letter as a PDF file as an attachment via email to our referee recommendations email address for the Class of 2022. Use the button below.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Content of the Letter:

We would particularly like your views on:

  • The attributes you feel make the candidate such a special or successful leader
  • The development opportunity the programme provides for the candidate, noting any aspects of his/her leadership “package” that would particularly benefit from a programme like this.
  • How the candidate will contribute in the future by leading or facilitating positive change on the African continent and improving the lives of its people
  • Is the candidate likely to be an engaged, positive and active contributor to the programme as well as to the alumni network after graduation, or is the candidate more passive, individualistic or self-driven?
  • Whether there are any factors which may inhibit the candidate from fulfilling the commitments outlined in the Terms and Commitment document. If you don’t know, please state so.

It provides a richer context if you can illustrate your views with current examples, particularly the first and second points above.

The letter should preferably be less than a page, with a maximum of 400 words, and signed by the referee.

Thank you for your time and supporting our work!



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